Streets to Creeks - Sailors Bay Program

Streets to Creeks- Sailors Bay is an exciting community program for residents of Castlecrag, Northbridge and Willoughby to help prevent pollution and protect local bushland, creeks and Sailors Bay.

Beginning in January 2003, Willoughby Council is working with local community groups in these suburbs as part of the “Streets to Creeks- Sailors Bay” program.

The program will provide residents with opportunities to increase their familiarity with unique aspects of Castlecrag, Northbridge and Willoughby.

If you would like further information or like to know how you can become involved in this program, please contact Council’s Catchment Education Officer on 9777-1000.

Willoughby City Council
Catchment Education Officer
Tel: 02 9777 1000

Did you know Castlecrag, Northbridge
and Willoughby are in the Sailors Bay catchment?

Can you find your house in the image below?

If it’s within the yellow line, you live in the Sailors Bay catchment.
This means that the rainwater from your streets flows through the bush
and into Sailors Bay Creek and Sailors Bay.


Unlike sewerage, rain and other runoff from your street and around your house is not treated. This water is known as stormwater.
Stormwater becomes polluted when it picks up litter, dog droppings, leaves, oil and other debris from the street and around the house.
This polluted stormwater harms the wildlife and aquatic life that lives in the bush, Sailors Bay Creek and Sailors Bay


A recent community survey of residents
in the Sailors Bay catchment area found that...


What can I do to help?

There are many easy things that you can do around your home to help prevent pollution in Sailors Bay Creek and Sailors Bay.

Sweep the gutter in front of your home
Put the leaves in the compost or use them to mulch the garden. Recycle any waste if possible (such as PET bottles).
Wash your car on the grass
Use as little detergent as possible and pour leftover soapy water on the lawn. If you don’t have grass, wash your car over gravel or visit a car wash (most car wash services recycle their water).

Bin your butts
Put your cigarette butts and other litter in the bin. Also carry a container for your butts when there is no bin handy.
Use a broom to clean up
Use a broom, not the hose, to clean up your driveway and footpath. Put the leaves & grass clippings in the compost or use them to mulch the garden.

Pick up your dog’s droppings
When you’re out, pick up your dog’s droppings with a plastic bag and put them in the bin.
Wash paint brushes in a container
For water-based paints, pour the dirty water onto soil or grass (on level-ground where it cannot runoff into drains or waterways). For oil-based paints, re-use turps once the paint has settled out.

If you see someone polluting stormwater in the Willoughby Council area, please report it to
Council on 9777-1000. Polluting stormwater brings fines starting at $750.

You can obtain more information on how to contact your local council at:

Willoughby City Council
Catchment Education Officer
Tel: 02 9777 1000

'Streets to Creeks-Sailors Bay' is a Willoughby City Council program
assisted by the NSW Government through its Stormwater Trust.
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